For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try Sky Trek. You will ride an open-air gondola from the ground tothe heights  where you'll be dropped off at an observation deck for fantastic views of the volcano and land below. From the observation deck, return to the ground below by riding down on a  circuit of zip lines stretching across canyons and between treetops.

Zipping along nearly two miles (three kilometers) of cables, you will see the rain forest as well as get a panoramic view of the volcano and lake from a whole new perspective. There are currently ten zip line cables and they range in height from 30 meters to 200 meters and in length from 200 meters to 750 meters.

This private reserve is near El Castillo, on the north-facing slopes of the Cordillera de Tilarán offers phenomenal volcano views, to be enjoyed from an aerial Sky Tram that rises 236 meters in a 1250 meters ride, taking visitors up to a mirador (lookout point) where starts the Sky Trek zip line circuit.

Our major concern its safety, the prime objective of our staff is to provide a wonderful tour with a high standard of security, this is why the equipment is top quality like world class French made Petzl harnesses. Sky Trek is the top of the line of Canopy Tours, because it incorporates some significant differences, such as superior breaking systems, wider steel platforms, highly trained staff.

Further, the construction is of the highest quality, utilizing protective and secure materials, including metal platforms covered with mesh-covered steel rails, which prevent falling or sliding. We will provide you the helmet, gloves and harnesses of the best quality in the world, so you will get the safest, most comfortable and exciting experience that you will never forget!

Before leaving the main building to start your tour, you will be fitted with all of the necessary safety equipment (harness, helmet, gloves), which the guides will take care to properly adjust. Afterwards the guides will deliver a safety speech detailing proper form and the innovative braking system.

In the event of lightening or winds exceeding 120 km/h ( 75mph ) Sky Trek will cancel its tours for safety reasons; with lesser wind or rain only serving to add to the excitement, and speed, of the zip line tour. Sky Trek also provides complimentary lockers to store your backpacks while taking part in the canopy tour.


7:30 a.m.,  8:30a.m., 9:00a.m., 10:30a.m., 11:30 a.m., 12:30 m.d. 2:00 p.m., 3:00p.m., 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m.

Hiking shoes or tennis

Comfortable clothes

Jacket and raincoat

Children have to be taller than 3,9 ft.

Transportation is not included but available for an extra charge.

Pick-up times are around 40 minutes before the start times of the tour.

Not recommended for pregnancy, persons with heart and bone disease, and any other physical suffering.

You can only use equipment provided by the company.


Sky Walk, it’s a brand new complex of hanging bridges and trails, its offered with a guided tour and during this hike you will enjoy waterfalls, observation platforms all in a 3KM trails of rich flora and fauna.

The Sky Tram tour reaches an observation area at the highest point of the Arenal Reserve, from where you can admire the natural beauty of the rain forest, the volcano and lake.  Once you have reached the observation deck, you can also enjoy a walk through a nice trail.

A great complementary of your tour, its our butterfly garden and Orchid exhibition that you can visit for no cost. They are located next to our parking lot and can be enjoyed by all ages.

If you want to do the combo with all 3 tours including the tram, zip lines and the guided suspended bridges you must start by  11.30am or earlier.

Sky Trek is complementary tour to Sky Tram, cannot be sold individually.

Student rates apply up to 25 years old.

Combination tours are available with Skywalk (Suspended Bridges/Hanging Bridges) and with Sky Trek (Zip lines) and Sky Tram (Cable Car). Note also that the zip lines and tram are complementary: you cannot do just the zip lines.

Gift Shop, here you can find gifts and souvenirs from Costa Rica and our adventures

More information about our schedules and hotel we pickup

Enjoy a delicious food and wonderful view at Chill-out

The best memories you can have, we have cameras gopro if you want to make your own movie or we can make a personal video of our tour

At the end, remember to smile so you can take  an amazing photo

*Complete your reservation form and on the tour selection screen you will see the different combinations of tours with their respective rates.

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