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Sky Trek is combined with the Sky Tram to go up to the mountain’s highest point and then descend through a series of adventurous cables.

We have steel platforms, unlike traditional canopies that use wood platforms. We also have a unique and innovative system consists of pulley system so you do not have to use your hands to stop, providing improved safety over traditional canopy.

The Sky Tram will take you up to the highest mountain in the area, the cable car will offer amazing views, Our guide will explain about the flora and plant.

We have a viewpoint at the top, here you can stay and relax.

Sky Walk is a spectacular combination of suspension bridges and trails with heights that exceed the treetops. This guided tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy the wild life of the area. The tour lasts around 2 hours.


at Sky River Drift Arenal Volcano!


3 ziplines

1 Free Style Jump

2.3 milles tubing

Sky River Drift Arenal its the newest attraction of Sky Adventures, includes 3 zip lines, jump in a free style fall to the river, finally personal raft to descend in a fast river of 2.3 miles. The tour last around 3 hours

*only available in Arenal Park